About Us
WAP Creations is a business that was created for the enhancement and development of mobile internet. It is clearly recognized that there is a market for the growth of WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) in South Africa, as well as throughout Africa where the average individual, even in the poorest country, has a cell phone or access to one. In addition to WAP, other services are offered which include, but are not limited to, graphic design, web design and internet solutions. WAP Creation is presently structured as a small business with a growth potential to become a medium-sized company.

WAP Creations is registered as a close corporation under the Companies Act of the Republic of South Africa. It was registered in the year 2004, and was founded by Valerio Danov, who delights himself in and thrives on providing simple and convenient solutions. Mr. Danov looked at the restaurant business as an example and observed that there were many deficiencies in service delivery that could be adequately addressed by utilizing WAP applications.
WAP Creations was established for the developing mobile internet. Other services we offer are: Graphic Design, Web Design and Internet Solutions. The mobile internet service we offer is simple, easy and a convenient way of accessing any particular menu.

The restaurant market is in its advancement stage and we are well positioned to successfully provide this service. We have recognized the unique opportunity that lies within the Mobile Internet. WAP Creations is the pioneers of mobile restaurant menus, Our unique concept allows the end user to access restaurant information (Address, telephone number, GPS coordinates, menu, specials, booking and feedback facilities) using WAP enabled mobile phones. It is a convenient effortless and cost effective way of searching for the best product. It provides advanced customer service and ensures a loyal client base. It saves on marketing and printing costs, improves turnover and customer convenience.
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